Park Spotting – Groton, Connecticut

Where is it?

Groton, Connecticut.


Exit 88 off of I-95. Go right off the exit, and make a left at the second light. The park is on the right.

What’s in the park?

Lots of handmade obstacles and some professionally made ones, too-bowls, quarterpipes, weird lumps of cement, pyramids, hips, and a small snakerun.

Who designed it?

Jeff Poprocky and Sloppy Sam.


It’s open ’til dark.

Does it have lights?


What’s good about it?

According to some of the local kids, the best part of the

park is having Donny Barley run into them at full speed and the heshers showing up with the all-metal music-makes it feel

like 1986.

What’s bad about it?

The rough asphalt ground, it’s uphill in some parts, and there’re no rails or hubbas for the kids on the program.

What pros skate there?

Donny Barley, Brian Anderson, Toebee Parkhurst, and Aaron Suski.

Any admission fees?


Do you have to wear pads?


What about cops?

They only come to kick out the bikers.

When does it get crowded?

In the evening.

What are the chances of getting beat up?


One to ten rating?