Park Spotting – Perth, Scotland

Where is it: An hour north of Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland.

Directions: Cheapest option is the one-quid megabus, but if you can spare another couple of quid, the train does the job. The park is situated in South Inch Park behind the large parking area—no more than five minutes’ walking distance from the town or Perth train station. Ideally you’re driving on the M90 north and breaking off to Perth via the signs, you’ll hit Glasgow Road, and the park’s on your right. Check this site for full directions:

What’s in the park: A host of sweeties: a small replica of the Marseilles spine complete with teardrop, a perfect lump hip facing a larger vert wall quarterpipe rolling into a perfect steep corner hip, a great flat kicker with bucketloads of run-up for tricky setups, a set of stairs if that’s what you’re lookin’ for in a park, and some sweet little grinders on the perimeter of the park for those kids you’re trying to avoid.

Who designed it: A committee of Perth skateboarding folks in consultation with a landscape gardener.

Who paid for it: Vast and commendable fund-raising efforts plus council cash.

Hours: Not applicable at all.

Lights: I think so. In fact, yes.

What’s good about it: I’m gonna have to cite the flat kicker as perfect, and the lunar hip is treaty.

What’s bad about it: The bowl—it doesn’t work.

Who are the local rippers: Ferg, Slobs, and the boy with the glasses from Dundee.

What pros skate there: Stu Graham, Ben Leyden, and Joey McSmokie.

Who shouldn’t you snake: Some daft chappie on a mountain bike or big Mark Burrows.

Any admission fees: Hell nay! As if Scots pay to get into skateparks.

Are pads compulsory: You’ll be glad to hear not.

Any cops: This is Scotland.

When does it get crowded: Saturday afternoons.

What are the chances of getting beaten up: Minimal—try the prison up the road.

One to ten rating: Seven.