Park Spotting – West Linn, Oregon

Park Spotting

West Linn, Oregon

On my trip to Oregon last summer, I skated eight or nine good parks. West Linn was one of the funniest parks of the trip. A 14,000-square-foot park built by Grindline Skateparks, West Linn is a first-rate park. Its layout is exceptional, with nice smooth concrete and coping. The bowl section of the park has transitions ranging from five feet up to ten feet. There’s a nine-foot over-vert pocket, seven hips, and a channel in one corner of the bowl that leads into the upper section of the park—corner airs over it are also a possibility. The entire bowl’s smooth pool coping invites long stand-up grinds.

The upper level of the park has a pyramid surrounded by banks, quarterpipes with round corners, and a few hips. Between the bowl and the upper part of the park is a smaller bowl used for transferring into or out of the big-bowl section. At the top of the park is a mellow pond-like area with concrete edges and a set of shallow-end stairs. The entire park is surrounded by banks, ledges, and even a big-four stair if you want to get your flip on. There’s also a fun quarterpipe shaped like a wave.

When I was visiting there were some cute girls hanging out and skating the whole time. Down the street is a shopping center with a spot to pick up refreshments and a few places to eat when you’re finished skating. There’re no park monitors at West Linn to kick you out when it gets dark or to tell you to put on your elbow pads—pads are advised but not enforced, and bikes and scooters are not allowed.

Out of all the parks I’ve skated in Oregon, West Linn is one of my favorites. With good lines, the park’s great for skating fast. Located in the city of West Linn off of the Tenth Street exit on the 205 freeway—turn right off the freeway and then right on Salamo. Go up the hill past the shopping center. Next, turn right on Parker, and it’s just up the street.—Brendan Klein


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