Pelican, City Of Echoes

City Of Echoes
Hydra Head
**** (4.5/5)

If it’s at all possible for instrumental music to be narrative, then Pelican does just that. Their songs feel conversational, although that’s not the right word either. Pelican plays a dialogue, but it comes across as much visually as it does aurally. Their melodies evoke a series of vignettes, scraps of conversation, splashes of light. In short, Pelican is like no other band.

Over the past three albums, the band’s reference points have become harder to trace. There’s a slew of disparate influences ranging from metal to punk to post-punk to indie, but with each album, the soundscape becomes less genealogical and more about making something entirely different. City Of Echoes is the album that the song “Autumn Into Summer promised us a few years ago. This is a band coming fully into its own, crafting something new and wonderful.

This is the perfect soundtrack for the following things: space travel, a fight between robots and ninjas, shooting off fireworks while riding a motorcycle, and raising your arms over your head in triumph while millions of people gaze at you adoringly.—Andreas Trolf