Phoenix Am Contest

There’re so many ams in the mix these days we need to see who’s hungry and who’s not. Cowtown skate shop in Phoenix along with C1RCA shoes and Krew clothing let the up-and-comers have a chance to show their stuff.

The contest was held at Desert West park in Phoenix, Arizona—a really fun cement park with hips and ledges. However, this was a top-notch am contest and you can’t have that without some rails. Ams love to skate rails, so they incorporated some really nice funboxes complete with rails into the course. The layout of the park was open enough for the new obstacles to fit nicely into the flow. Maybe in the future they’ll build some real cement structures. The popularity of this contest grows every year with all the major companies bringing its raw talent to shred the contest. And not to mention taking advantage of the abundance of skate spots in the greater Phoenix area.

But this is a contest and somebody’s got to win, although, if you lose out early, you have more time to street skate, but whatever. There’re so many good kids, being a judge would be hard. In the end, the judges declared Collin Provost the winner.

The finals were supposed to be three runs, but clouds loomed in the near distance, and after two runs everyone agreed to cut the finals short so there would be enough time for everybody’s favorite—the best-trick contest. The judges let the crowd decide which rail to have the contest—on the small tech rail or the big dog—by cheering for each rail. Of course the people in the stands wanted to see blood, so the best trick went down on the big rail. This contest was heated and with the weather looking like rain, there was a panic to get tricks landed. Kids threw out their best shots and landed lots of them—too many to mention (check the video clips). It all came down to Grant Patterson’s nollie heel noseslide or Adam Dyet’s kickflip back tail. Too close to call. They split the 2,000 dollars—not bad for an am contest. Adam donated 50 bucks to the John Cardiel fund, which people had been donating to all contest. That’s what it’s all about. See you next year in the desert.