Photographic Memory: Brad Cromer



This week's Outliers themed Photographic Memory features a photo of Brad Cromer boosting a fast plant in South Beach, Miami during an Outliers filming trip in the Spring of 2014. From what I could tell from the short amount of time we spent there, South Beach's reputation for alluring turquoise sea water lapping at white sandy beaches which are littered with equal measures athletic bikini clad Latinas, off cast members of the Jersey shore legacy, and rap video squads is well earned in certain areas, but for the most part this enclave of Miami felt like a beautiful little bustling cosmopolitan beach town with stacks of unique little skate spots hidden away, like this river-side embankment to ledge which shot you out into the middle of a busy street.

The spot itself needed a fair amount of adulteration where the skinny run up met the even skinnier bank, Brad was not exactly prepared for construction so after a few minutes of driftwood Jenga, Brad had something that represented the shanty town genre of spot rigging. Undeterred, he set about this spot in his usual focused fashion and despite numerous wobbly swerves neither his board nor himself ever ended up in the drink, which as you can see from its color is not of the same genotype as that turquoise South Beach sea water. Neen Williams tasked himself with guarding my flash and directing Brad away from any car collision scenarios. On an undesirable job scale of 1-10, standing in that street would rank an 11, so serious shout out to him for going about that in a most pinnacle fashion. If you haven't seen Outliers yet and want a taste of what you've been missing, there's a whole other Brad Cromer part that Christopher Thiessen put together with some Height Down John Frusciante glue, click here to check that bad boy out.


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Words & photo / BARTON