Photographic Memory: Justin Eldridge


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This week's photographic memory features a photo of Justin Eldridge from the 2003 Hot Chocolate tour. Starting out in Los Angeles, we meandered across the width of the country hitting assorted demos, signings, and street spots along the way. By the time we pulled into Long Island, the advent of a stormy rain day was greeted by the caravan with open arms as an invitation to rest up the carthritis afflicted limbs that come with two weeks of solid skating interspersed with a 3,000 mile van ride.

Undeterred by the heaven sent skate stopper, Ty Evans had found out about a set of stairs on a college campus that had a slight over-hang and had already been out to Walmart and bought enough towels to service a small regional public swimming pool with the aim of drying any potential fun-blowing water hazard we might run into. Some locals were beginning to make it sound like we'd need a Mission Impossible plan in order to get away with a clip—whilst this spot might not quite require a helicoptered in Tom Cruise scenario, weekends were considered the only realistic option, so rolling up slap bang middle of the week with school in session seemed like a bit of a waste of time and towels.

Arriving at the spot, Ty immediately set about hydrating the stack of fresh towels by using them to dry any kind of moisture in the run up whilst vaguely taking care of the diagonal line of rain blowing through the roll out. Several security guards rolled through but the fact that there were so many students milling about combined with the ferocity with which Ty was attacking the moisture gave such a vibe of authority that they kept going about their duties, we were not the droids they were looking for. I'm amazed at how little this photo represents the weather that day, it really was miserable, you can see a bit better in the footage how huddled in to the over hang we were. Kenny Anderson made the point of how easy the nollie nosegrind is for Justin in the Hot Chocolate video and as easy as it was for him to get into the grind, the slick brick landing taxed him for a solid roll out fee. Justin ultimately got the trick and we made it back to the hotel some time after dark having spent the rest of the day checking out spots from the damp but warm confines of an E350 passenger van. The nollie nosegrind only occupies about four seconds of Justin's Hot Chocolate part but it essentially took us an entire day and a family sized stack of towels to get the trick; it's amazing to me how much time and effort sometimes goes into getting a single clip that flies past you in the video. I'd like to thank Victor Hasselblad and the folks at Kodak for making it possible to check out Justin's nollie nosegrind and his crispy white Accels in this still photo.

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