This crooked grind photo of Marcus McBride was taken in 2002 on a Link Footwear trip to Barcelona. In my opinion, Marcus McBride is one of the most mythical humans to set foot on a skateboard; there are few skate spots in the world that have hosted as much ridiculously progressive skateboarding from some of the most legendary heads in the game as Pier 7 and the King Don Juan of The Pier will always be Marcus. I'm confident that a quick viewing of Manolo's Mixtape will settle any potential arguments. Marcus is one of the coolest, down to earth characters you could meet, but based on his Bay Area legacy and the fact that my personal affinity for Marcus in my youth had gone as far as the habitual wearing of a Starter T-shirt inspired by the Trilogy VHS that was effectively super glued in my VCR, I was nervous just to be around him and prayed I could keep my side of the bargain if I got the chance to shoot a still photo of him. We had spent the whole week getting fried skating all day in the heat and humidity of the Barcelona summer, so on the drive out of Barcelona back to Lyon, Brett Margaritas drove us past the Sagrada Familia church designed by Gaudi for a quick spot of cultural sight seeing. Paul Shier who was living in Spain at the time had come to meet us to say goodbye and happened to know where there was a Hubba right by the church, so we gave it a peak thinking that maybe we could skate it the next time we came to Barcelona. Most of the crew were in their slippers and sweat pants ready to chill for the 6 hour drive back to France, but Marcus got sparked out of nowhere and was jumping on the Hubba before anyone could get a complaint in about the weird angle of the ledge, the annoying grate at the take off or the lawless game of soccer taking place in the roll up. Marcus McBride looks like he skates fast in video but in real life it feels like warp speed and this trick was no exception; these were very early Hasselblad days for me and I remember thinking that I should hit the Sagrada Familia on the way out to light a candle in prayer that the photo would turn out. Two years later I had moved to Barcelona and there were times when I would hear rumors that Marcus was in town or sometimes someone would catch arbitrary glimpses of him in random parts of the city. It turned out that he had a Spanish girl out there that he would post up with for extended periods of time and skate around on his own crushing different Barcelona street spots for fun, if anyone was there to record what he did it was purely coincidental. I have no idea where Marcus is right now, he could be posted up in any country in the world doing his thing, but one thing is for sure, he'll be smashing whatever spot is in front of him going 800 mph.

Photographic Memory: Jason Dill