Photographic Memory: Marius Syvanen



This week's Photographic Memory features Marius Syvanen and a switch ollie in Atlanta from October 2013, this became the first official filming trip for Outliers featuring most of the line up for the video. We never actually managed to get the entire squad together on a trip due to injuries, visa issues or travel commitments with sponsors but the ATL trip was close. Coming into this mission Marius' spot in the video was not 100-percent with either party, but his commitment and the way that he vibed with the squad left it a no brainer on both ends, Marius was in and he became one of the central figures in Outliers thanks to his pinicality. This bump to bar is underneath a convention centre in Atlanta so you can imagine that security here is spicy. This was actually the second time that we had been to the spot, Marius had already switched ollied the bar the day before when we went to check out the spot as a rainy day alternative but security was so swift that I didn't have a chance to get all the sparklers out the bag before the mayday security signal "the police have been called and are on their way" had been broadcast. The second time we returned more James Bond style and had everything set up and ready to blast before Marius started snapping through the clouds of carbon monoxide dust that build up when you put large diesel engines in confined environments. Within a few tries Marius nailed the trick a second time and we made it out clean, which is more than can be said for Chris Thiessen's LED video light; it's an amazing testament to that little light that it still worked after Marius' board whipped around the pole on a bailed attempt and struck the light with enough strength to remove it from its hot shoe mount. We're so stoked that Marius made it in to the video, this was his first photo with the crew, but definitely will not be his last!


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Words & photo / BARTON