Photographic Memory: Shane Cross



Today is Shane Cross's 28th birthday so to celebrate, this week's Photographic Memory jets back to June 2006 and a photo from the same trip when he fiftied the double kink rail in a Photographic Memory a few weeks back. This spot is actually in the same town on the outskirts of Barcelona as the double kink rail, I really wasn't kidding when I said it was choc full of skateable architecture. A lot of the spots in Spain are plazas and this brick wedge is one of them; the best time to skate a plaza is middle of the day mid-week when all the kids dreaming of becoming the next Messi are at school and not practicing their free kicks in the middle of the spot. This photo was shot a bit later in the day and you can see three kids with a soccer ball are already out in the plaza ready to get their tango on, the clock would have been ticking for Shane on this three sixty flip because another 30 minutes and the entire plaza will be full to the brim in a cacophony of skate defeating soccer games.

The Flip team in that era was such a tight knit squad: they skated together, hung out together and partied together everyday and night, the vibes on the filming trips were always more like fun sessions than trick plundering missions. We'd roll up to a spot and everyone would skate for a bit, cheer on whomever was trying something and then move on to the next spot bouncing around in a two car caravan with Ali's white Caddy leading the way. In the background of this photo you can see Mark Appleyard and Rodrigo TX, Mark frontside nollie 180 heel flipped out of the bump, a photo which ran in an Extremely Sorry feature in TWS that fall and Rodrigo was trying to fakie flip out of the bump but got robbed every time on the landing and couldn't get one clean. You can't really see too clearly because of the angle of the light, but the landing is polished brick that some tries would grab your board and stop you in your tracks and other times would slide out like glass. Landing bolts was no guarantee of a roll out. Shane's personality and talent transported him to the center of one of the all-time heaviest crews of skaters in a matter of months, something that speaks volumes louder than anything I can put down on paper. Long may his memory and spirit live in us all, Happy Birthday Shane.

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