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This week’s Outliers themed Photographic Memory features birthday boy Zered Bassett and a photo that made the cover of the December 2013 issue of TransWorld. Christopher Thiessen and I were so excited when we got official confirmation that Zered was down for Outliers that the very first thing we did was organize a trip out to New York to film with him and Brad Cromer, there was no better way to get the video jump started in the direction we hoped that it would finish in than heading to the city that has such a rich visual vibe. Any photo or piece of footage that comes out of that magical place is absolute gold, so it felt amazing to get the opportunity to skate out there and the timing of the trip was perfect, hitting Manhattan at the end of August right as the weather cooled off and Zered was on a spree.

The irony of flying almost 3000 miles to New York with a Static vision of rugged streets and cellar doors and finding ourselves at a pool for the first spot of the trip didn’t escape us, but this spot is so magical, I couldn’t have been more charmed, even the pools on the East Coast are more pinnacle! Hidden away in a wooded area pretty close to the down hill manny pads that Gino skates (switch inward heel manny in Yeah Right!, switch backside 180 down the whole thing in Chocolate Tour), Zered originally had his eyes set on a switch front feeble in the deep end, but a recent rain storm had the flat bottom under a solid two feet of water. There are all sorts of little tricks to draining a pool and we were very entry level amateur in this genre; after repeatedly clearing the pump filter of leaves and debris, we finally figured out that the Home Depot bucket with all the holes drilled in it that had been semi-submerged in the pool scum was not some sort of weird taunt from a previous drainer but actually a filter–you stick the inlet hose inside the bucket so that it doesn’t suck up any of the leaves. Our amateur hour turned into almost three, and by the time we had all the water out, it was getting late and the deep end was already in the shade so it would not be dry until the following day. Zered started blasting around the shallow end barefoot to let off some steam before driving back to Manhattan and before we knew it his shoes were back on and his truck was locking in to switch hurricanes. If you’d have asked me before I left for New York what kind of photo I was hoping to get, switch hurricane in a pool would not be something I would have considered being realistic, but Zered’s bag of tricks is so gnarly and unusual that anything is possible. Look no further than his Outliers part to see more outstanding originality from this Ambidextrous Deity.


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Words & photo / BARTON


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