Photon Band, Back Down To Earth

Photon Band
Back Down To Earth

Back Down To Earth has all the hallmarks of an afternoon spent in a haze of hash and mushroom tea. Without hinting too much at what I do on Sundays, I’ll simply say that this album might be best enjoyed in the comfort and privacy of your living room.

You’ll go through all the stages of a proper afternoon psychedelia binge: Talking about weird dreams you’ve had recently, feeling so in touch with everyone and the world around you—mini-epiphanies will strike from moment to moment, reveling in your heightened senses—standing in the hot shower for ages, closing your eyes and nodding along to the Photon Band and actually feeling the guitars; being absolutely fascinated by a pair of corduroy pants.

Then comes the acute fear: You’ll feel so small and helpless, all you can do is huddle naked in the corner of your kitchen while the linoleum sends bad vibes through the soles of your feet. Finally comes acceptance. You’ll realize that the haze in your head must inevitably end, just as this album must. And as the record spirals inexorably to its conclusion and the static pop and hiss of the stereo’s needle finding the wide grooves, you will fall gently asleep in each other’s arms.—Andreas Trolf