Photos and captions by Alex Papke

Clive Dixon running around getting wristbands for the homies as the crowd settles in.

Birdhouse front man David Loy, lensman Trevor Vaughn and Kwalks in the house.

Welcome boys Dakota Hunt and Daniel Vargas.

Couldn't wait to see what Reese Salken had in store for the night.

That said, Ed Duff was another one to keep your eyes peeled for that night.

DLX boys Tim Fulton, Jack Olson, Davis Torgerson and Robbie Brockel.

Fresh off the boat from Florida, filmer Johnathan Flechas stopped by pictured here with Ryan O'Connor.

"Do I know you?" Davis and Volcom camera man Ant Travis.

Reese helping out Cody Long with the gift of a VIP band.

Niels Bennett with a house bev.

Everyone's go to Instagram moment before the big surprise…

Clive went pro!

Florida's finest. Yonnie Cruz and Jack Moran.

Windsor James and Jamie Tancowny.

Mr. Dark and Mysterious. Cameron Strand, everyone.

The homie was hyped on Jered Cleland's footage in the video!

Chase Webb trying to figure out where the party is.

Some of us were having a good time while others preferred to watch from afar.

That's a wrap! Thanks for the fun night Birdhouse!