Priestbird, In Your Time

In Your Time
**** (4 stars outta 5)

Formed from the ashes of schizo-metal band Tarantula A.D. in early 2006, Priestbird consists of three very talented musicians who explore the uncharted realm of esoteric and symphonic-enhanced musical harmonies. Each member of Priestbird sings on each track and plays a wide array of instruments, including cellos, violins, piano, drums, banjos, guitars, and flutes. Together, the end result is nothing short of spectacular, as Priestbird guides the listener through a merry-go-round of lush orchestra-laden space rock complete with searing and eerily haunting vocals.

These days music that’s tough to classify is a rarity, but Priestbird has pulled it off and created its own niche in the heavy-rock originality department. Even the band’s name—inspired by an old Tarantula A.D. song about a character called Priestbird who guides bird spirits into the afterlife—is as original as the band’s sound.—Aaron Schmidt