Pro Tec Pool Party

The blood stains left on the Combi pool—possibly from Chris Cook smashing his face into the transition or a full-speed Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero collision—summed up the intensity of the raw skating that went down at Saturday’s Vans Pro-Tec Pool Party at the Van’s Skatepark in Orange, CA. Whether it was Jeff Grosso’s effortless boardslides and 50-50s halfway around the bowl or Jimmy the Greek shredding padless, the crowd was going nuts with each and every drop-in.

The judges had no easy task with this contest. In both the masters (a.k.a the older guys that are still rippin’ better than you or me) category and the pro category, any three of the top riders could have easily taken first. But once it was all said and done, Chris Miller beat out Grosso and Steve Cab to win the masters two years in a row and Omar Hassan took home the first place pro trophy and 25,000 dollars. This was by far pool skating at it’s finest. —Ben Kelly

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All photos: Randy Laybourne.

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