Product Of The Month: Volcom x Spitfire Collection


To throw on a logo these days still makes that profound statement that "I'm down for this," whether you're trying to put out that vibe or not. The car you drive, the coffee brand you're drinking, the shoes you're wearing; hell, even your toothpaste can be under this scrutiny if left out on your counter after a proper brushing. Skateboarding has that high-powered microscope even more so than the commoners or "pedestrians" that you're navigating through on some Classic 53s. Luckily for us all, there are certain individuals, masterminds let's call them, that come together—pulled away from the outside world, tirelessly staring and working through the vast landscape of pixels and vectors to bring you some proper gear to throw on for the session and get that nod of approval from the crew or skateshop employee usually putting on a more than heavy vibe. Volcom and Spitfire share quite a few team riders—Grant Taylor, Ryan Sheckler, Chima Ferguson, Dennis Busenitz, the double D Dustin Dollin, Chris Pfanner and his pop, Collin Provost, Dane Burman, Alec Majerus, Kyle Walker, Nassim Guammaz, and Alex Midler—so it's a no-brainer and a two-birds-with-one-(Volcom)-stone type of deal. This collection has you dialed from head to toe, staying "True To This" collab with proper Spitfire x Volcom insignia; the snapbacks all the way down to your socks tastefully marry the stone, bighead, and classic swirl. There are all wins in this offering, including your clean Midler-looking shirts or a little bit more wild-man Dollin tie-dyes, plus three-quarter-sleeve raglans, soccer jerseys for on and off the streets, solid flannel-lined workwear jackets, classic lumberjack-colorway flannels, hoodies, tie-dye socks, and short-sleeve button-ups guaranteed to turn heads of the opposite sex. You can also thank Volcom and Spitfire for saving you a little dough and not having to buy two separate tees to rep either company—WIN. Head down to your local shop to check out and swoop the whole collection in person, as it's always better that way. If you can't hit the shop, get clicking with your choice of online skate shop or hit up Volcom direct. We may never have those Grant Taylor airs on transition, but next time you're out skating, know you can at least obtain the same look while just getting that back truck a wee bit over the coping to post up for those 80 or so likes. Fire and stone don't burn alone.—David Jurusik

Peep the Volcom X Spitfire Collection video: 

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