R.I.P. Ben Raemers


Our hearts are broken to report that Ben Raemers passed away this past weekend due to an apparent suicide. He was only 28 years old. Ben was a sweet and genuine person that was amazing on a skateboard, and he had so much more life to live. Our deepest condolences go out to all his friends and family during this rough time. We love and will miss you Ben.

Here are some beautiful words from Cairo Foster who summed it up best on Instagram:

“We post these things because we don’t want to forget. Life is fragile and though life will always move forward, it’s so important that we remember. It’s thru life’s experiences that we are able to evolve. Look to those who have impact upon your life, your thoughts, your approach, and let them know how much they matter. Respect others whom you may not know and imagine that they too have friends and families who love them, and whom they love. For those who never met @benraemers, I know you have someone equally as important or someone who has had a profound effect upon you. The joy. The innocence. The lust for life. Through this loss I ask that you remind yourself to be kind to others as their journey thru life is a challenge just as yours is. A life that is filled with love, adversity, ups, downs and a high level of the unknown. There is no guide to how one lives life, only the need for support and compassion that allows us to prosper. Ben, I miss you in life and I will miss you in death. Rest easy bruv.”

Please contact The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you ever feel like you need some help. It offers free, confidential crisis counseling 24/7/365. 1-800-273-8255 or go to their website click here


SKBP 180100 VOLCOM 02SKBP 180100 VOLCOM 03BEN_DUSTINPhotos from a Volcom London trip in 2017 / Owens.


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