From the 15 YEARS OF ENJOI feature in our December 2015 issue, here was Bobby's raw text interview.


How did you first get on enjoi?
I got cold called by Marc and Jerry. Marc called me, Jerry was on the line as well. They basically asked me to ride for the brand. I think they were hyped on what I was doing, which was kind of right as Static 2 came out.

What did the company (MJs concept) mean to you at the time?
At the time, the brand was starting to change. It was become a bit more mature, if you can even put Enjoi and mature in the same sentence. I think Marc’s style was starting to really solidify. Not only with his skating, but also with the direction of the brand. He was going from “A Team Marc” to "Chocolate Marc". I really began to understand the impact Marc was going to have on skateboarding after I saw the Tiltmode video. To a certain extent, that’s why I agreed to ride for Enjoi.

Can you break down shooting your burned out limo enjoi ad?
We needed an ad. Marc basically said shoot anything. It was specifically not to be a skate photo. I saw the burned out limo on this block by my old apartment. We went there to shoot the photo and a chicken walked down the street. I shit you not. The chicken literally just showed up out of nowhere.

Were you there when Marc left? Thoughts?
Yeah. I was kind of stressed. Because how can enjoi be enjoi without Marc? I remember all the conversations we had. He wanted us to all leave the brand and start a new brand called “Love”. He was pretty bummed on his relationship with the suits at Dwindle. Now it’s crazy to think about enjoi with Marc.

When did you leave the brand?
I left after I got kicked off.  Well kind of. I mean it wasn’t like they really kicked me off. It just kind of fell apart. The relationship fell apart. The brand was again kind of changing. I really had no real relationship with anyone on the team. I mean I would see Jerry when he would come out to NY and we would hang out and all, but when I would go out to San Jose and then when Marc moved down to Costa Mesa, I would hang out with Marc. I stayed at his house for a bit deep down in Costa Mesa. So when he ended up leaving, Enjoi was now again, a bit of a different brand. Which was fine. They had a strong squad. But their leader had dipped and was now riding for Chocolate. Which was kinda gnar, cause Chocolate is Chocolate. Enjoi was still Vanilla. But anyhow, I went back to NY and just resumed what I was doing out here.

Now the other thing that a lot of people don’t realize, especially after all of Florida, California, and the rest of the Midwest has moved to NY, is that NY used to be famous for having like one filmer at a time. No one was ever a real filmer out here. With the exception of RB (Umali), who was on Zoo payroll. So unless you wanted to go film with a squad of Zoo goons, there really wasn’t anyone to really dedicate filming with.  I mean one who didn’t really have to work that much and primarily made their living off filming. So all of a sudden now, (Matt) Evs is at the helm and he’s all like, “we’re doing a video”. And I’m like, "Cool, let me get a filmer." And he’s all like “come out here and film”. And I’m basically like well all my shit is here. So we just kinda stalemated.

I wasn’t trying to go out to San Jose to film a video part. Personally I think that would have been a bit weird. In order to make a good video part, I mean a real video part; you have to fully understand your environment. You have to live in it, breathe it. I didn’t live in SJ, so I would have been having my spots kinda spoon fed to me by others. That’s not really your video part then.  You have to fully absorb your spots, choose them properly so that you don’t come off as a kook. You can’t be having your hand held to spots, and you most definitely can’t film a bunch of shit with some palm trees in the background and then be creeping through some project in Brownsville or filming your lifestyle shot on Canal Street with Manhattanhenge burning in the background.

At least that’s been my current philosophy for some time now. Not many agree with it, but the truth always has a way of manifesting itself. People are gonna know that you didn’t find that shit, or that you’re trying to mimic a certain aesthetic that is not where you came from. The truth doesn’t always look pretty on most people. Some people can get away with it. But the truth is still the truth. So yeah, I basically agreed not to film my video part in San Jose. And with that decision, my enjoi sponsorship dried up.

After a 15-year run, how do you view the company today?
Hmmm, tough question. I’d have to be honest and say kinda corny. But that’s the way I think those guys like it. Those dudes don’t give a shit, I don’t give a shit, and the world continues to spin.

Bobby’s epic part in Static 2 (2004).

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