This may be the most important trophy of the TransWorld Awards as a skater's video part is the most defining part of their careers. Any one of these guys is beyond deserving of the trophy, but who's your pick? Find out who wins January 22 at the 18th annual TWS Awards!
Some links for review:
AVE Propeller | Miles Silvas 1947 | Carlos Ribeiro 1947 | Cory Kennedy Chronicles 3 | Karsten Kleppan Chronicles 3 | Hjalte Halberg | Nisse Ingemarsson Sour Solution | Tom Knox Vase | Dane Vaughn Laugh Now Cry Later | Matt Berger Pro Part | Chris Haslam Pro Spotlight | Tiago Lemos De La Calle\ Da Rua | Antonio Durao Am Spotlight | Josh Pall Pro Part | Mark Suciu Civil Liberty | Kyle Walker Propeller

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