Real Skateboards Bolt Cutter Project

Friday night December 5, 2003 the Deluxe van made it’s way through North San Diego county to the Pala pool. A little while after the sun went down, lights, cameras, and skaters gathered to skate all night long for the first Real Bolt Cutter contest at a backyard pool. The Bolt Cutter Project is a series of renegade skate contests put on at real skate spots. Without the entry fees, judging panel, required pads or politics involved in a typical skate contest, Bolt Cutter welcomes anyone to show up and skate the contest.

Organized and orchestrated by Jasin Phares and Oliver Flores, Friday night’s skate was insane. Local pool skaters and pros skated together in an all night snake session. It got pretty hairy with ten people lined up at the shallow end stairs, ten people lined up to drop in from the deep and to add to that the Sam Hitz/Alex Horn roll-in fiesta. Alex and Sam managed to roll-in every run without doing a truck bash on top of somebody pushing in from the shallow. I saw a few people almost get smashed. When are people going to learn to respect the roll-in?

Anyhow…The Skating:

I dunno who the hell Al Partanen thinks he is making pool skating look easy. Sure, Pala is a good pool, but c’mon…save some for the rest of us Al. The Original Blader Hater Sam Hitz put everyone to bed with his roll-ins, stand-up grinds, a layback and a what? Huge stalefish disaster? WTF? Matt Moffett and Aaron Astorga skated farkin’ Fast and Furious . They made it look like everyone else was skating uphill. Double A ollied the loved seat to frontside smith grind… remember that song from The Fast and The Furious? “What you gon do? Skate da poo! Bad joke, I know. Two masked renegades who kinda skated like Jasin Phares and Craig Whitehead (who mysteriously disappeared for a while) ripped for a while. The highlight of the night was Benji Galloway’s plank board. I stood on the little slippery log for about 2 seconds before deciding against trying it. Benji showed everyone how to ride the little thing and then those brave enough took a turn. Steve Roche logged in some grinds and airs on it and Alex Horn decided to roll-in on it. Why? I dunno…but he pulled it off first go. I think that may have been the sketchiest thing I’ve ever seen in a pool to the turd my friend left in the community pool so they would drain it. Others ripping included Jay Thorpe, Vanessa Torres, Texas Dan, Darren “It’s considered a make in Nevada Navarrette, Billy Green, Brad, John Torscha, Aaron Scott, and Geth Noble of Airspeed Skateparks who dropped in on the deathbox on purpose. There were lots more skating but I was feeling a little seasick that night and can’t remember much.

The Pala Bolt Cutter was a success. Big thanks to Real Skateboards, Deluxe SF, Jasin Phares and Oliver Flores for everything. Hopefully we’ll get to see more Bolt Cutter Project contests soon.