Over the weekend Red Bull put on its first Curb Kings contest at Belmont Park down in San Diego. We saw Anthony Schultz, Peter Smolik, Truman Hooker, and a bunch of ams showing what they got running against the big boys. We even had a little Sk8Mafia appearance with Jamie Palmore, Wes Kremer, and Jimmy Cao rolling through! It was a gnarly seven-heat contest that lead down to the semi finals and then the finals. With Tyson Bowerbank taking first, Micky Papa with second, and Anthony Schultz with third, it was a tough decision with how hard everyone was skating.

Jamie Palmore bigspin hurricane.jpg
Jamie Palmore fs blunt.jpg
Andy Mac ollie over crook.jpg
Andy Mac switch wallie.jpg
Brendon Villaneva ollie over tailslide.jpg
Brendon Villanueva kf back lip.jpg
Brendon Villanueva kf footplant.jpg
Brendon Villanueva ollie over back tailslide.jpg
Peter Smolik noseslide popover.jpg
Peter Smolik noseslide.jpg
Skaters and judges.jpg
Spencer Pratti ollie over fs crook.jpg
Truman Hooker 5-0.jpg
Truman Hooker Lipslide.jpg
Truman Hooker back 180 into bank.jpg
Truman Hooker front board.jpg
Woogie tailslide.jpg
Woogie fs noseslide.jpg
Woogie sugercane.jpg
Woogie back lip.jpg
Anthony Shultz bennet grind.jpg
Anthony Shultz boardslide tailgrab.jpg
Anthony Shultz boardslide.jpg
Anthony Shultz ollie.jpg
Anthony Shultz 5-0.jpg
Anthony Shultz wallride ollie.jpg
Micky Papa kf fs crook.jpg
Micky Papa Tyson Bowerbank.jpg
Micky Papa nosegrind.jpg
Tyson Bowerbank frontside flip.jpg
Tyson Bowerbank front crook.jpg
Tyson Bowerbank boardslide.jpg
Tyson Bowerbank kf overcrook.jpg
3rd Place Anthony Shultz.jpg
Anthony Shultz Micky Papa Tyson Bowerbank.jpg
1st Place Tyson Bowerbank.jpg

Words & Photos by Mikey Gould