Reel Talk: Brad Rosado

We caught up with longtime DGK filmmaker Brad Rosado to talk about the new DGK video, the importance of music selection in skate videos, his filming influences and much more. Get informed then check the vid!

Brad filming Quel Haddox. Photo / ALTON

What’s the name of the new DGK video?
The new DGK video is called Saved.

Did you film this new DGK video in HD or VX? How did you decide to use that format?
This video is filmed all in HD. We have been running HD for awhile now so we decided to just keep it rolling.

How did you arrive at the cast that's featured in this new video?
In every project it’s definitely our goal for everybody on the team to be in it. We’re also introducing a few new guys to the team in this one. These new guys are super talented and we think people will be hyped on who’s carrying the torch.

Footy check with Marquise Henry and Dane Vaughn.

Footy check with Marquise Henry and Dane Vaughn.

What's your take on selling DVDs nowadays versus putting out a free online video? Or is there a formula to do both?
I really think it depends on the project. If a dude is doing an independent project or a team is filming for a full length then I do feel it should be sold. I don’t see anything wrong with giving shorter videos for free if it’s promoting the right purpose. So I guess there’s a formula doing both. I always think of it like hip hop. You’ve got to put out some banging singles (Instagram) and free mixtapes (short videos) to promote. And then hit them with an album (full video) that’s polished up to let them know the full circle you can create. If you can do them all, why not?

What's next? Who are you filming for future projects and who are you looking forward to filming?
Honestly I want to do another full length DGK video. Things are moving so fast these days so we will have to see what happens. Other than that I plan to keep filming with everybody to keep these projects going. Looking forward to working with a few other new faces as well that have a good future at DGK.

How important is music in your videos? How'd you come up with the song choices for this video?
Music is everything to me in a project. I definitely spend more time finding music than doing the actual edit. I have tons of songs and lots of them don’t work. So when they do work I’m hyped. For this video I had a bunch of songs I’ve been sitting on that I wanted to use for a long time, so it pretty much fell into place. It usually never happens like that, but this time it did. As you could probably guess it will be mostly hip hop, haha.

How long did you film for for this video?
This project is footage all from 2016. We used all the night footage for DGK ALL NIGHT so I guess you could consider this the daytime version. Of course we went on some night missions to wrap it up but this sums up what the guys have been up to this year in between other projects. I had a timeline building up and clearly there was a dope video right there in our hands so we made it happen.

What filmers influence you?
John Edwards from DC was a big influence to me growing up. All those videos like Four Letter Words and Pack A Lunch he made really inspired me to make my own projects. Josh Stewart and Bill Strobeck are also my favorites for sure. Their videos are always super raw and look like dudes are having fun. I’m always looking forward to what they put out.

Your favorite clip in the video we should look out for:
There’re definitely lot of good times captured in this one, but I’m gonna have to say the Quel double bleacher Ollie. This dude has insane pop and it’s always impressive to see him take it to the next level.

Watch Brad’s latest opus, Saved.

Saved premiere photos