Reel Talk: Cameron McIntosh

Cameron McIntosh aka Big Cam has been a staple in the San Diego skateboarding scene for some time now. You might have seen him shralping the parking block in front of Pacific Drive or around town with the Lurkville or Fuck This Video crews. I’d see him around with a video camera in hand more than a few times and thought nothing of it. Maybe he was filming back up angles for other dudes or just getting some homie footage to mess around with. Then he told me he was sitting on a series of edits he wanted to put out. He sent over some edits for us to check out and we were amazed. This dude has been sitting on sick footage and knows how to film and edit a rad video. First was BLANKET SHADE, and last week he gave us ROTUNDA. Big Cam definitely deserves this Reel Talk interview and stay tuned for more gems as he’s always in the streets with San Diego’s most productive crew.—Blair Alley

Big Cam with his big cam. Photo / @shannybonani

Why do you prefer filming in HD?
Not having to worry about footage glitching, aspect ratio, and crisp footage. Even though I shoot HD, I still enjoy some good VX footy.

How did you arrive at the cast and crew that's featured in ROTUNDA and BLANKET SHADE?
It’s pretty random. Everyone who’s in the videos are people I skate with on a regular basis. But after I filmed Vinny’s mole plant wall ride finger flip I knew I wanted him to have a part.

Do you have a day job? Or are you filming full time?
Yes, Monday through Friday I am a kayak tour guide. I’ll do a couple tours in the morning then meet up with the dudes by three o’clock.

How did you fund these independent project?
Everything was filmed in San Diego, so funding wasn’t an issue.

What's next? Are you filming anyone else for future projects? Are the big companies hitting you up for a staff filmer position?
Working on another vid. Pretty much same crew, with some new faces, and a Ventura montage. Haven’t been hit up yet. But I love to skate and film so I’ll be filming regardless.

How important is music in your videos? How'd you come up with the song choices for ROTUNDA and BLANKET SHADE?
Pretty important. The music sets the vibe for the whole video. I try to match the mood of the part and people to the music.

How long did you film for for ROTUNDA?
BLANKET SHADE and ROTUNDA were filmed over the last ten months. There’s still footage I haven’t used that I’m saving for the next video.

What filmers influence you?
Chase Cruz, Otto Ray, Vinny Dalfio, Benny Maglinao, and Zack Dowdy.

Your favorite clip in the video we should look out for:
Cody Subido boardslide yank over at concourse in downtown San Diego. He did it really good, rolled away, then you see all the dudes looking at a spider video on a phone. I felt like that was an honest look into what a skate day really looks like. Some people skating, some people not. Everyone just hanging out having a good time.

(said clip at 8:33)

Bombing the snake at UCSD. Photo / Andy Mack

Spencer Prati, switch ollie. Photo / Andy Mack

Nick Suarez, picture perfect back Smith. Photo / Andy Mack

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