Reel Talk: A Happy Medium 3

We caught up with one half of the A Happy Medium trilogy filmmakers, Buster O’Shea (his brother Hunter is the other half) to see what’s up with this third installment of their video series. Peppered in are Instagram photos from their friends they wanted to show. Don’t miss the California premiere tonight in our skatepark at 8 p.m. Interview by Blair Alley

Why did you decide to make a third chapter to your video legacy?
Well, my brother (Hunter) and I knew from the positive feedback from the first and second film that we were absolutely set on doing a trilogy, and then move on to something different after that. We chose to launch a board company, and actually just announced Johnrob Moore as our first pro rider at the Arizona premiere.

How did you pick the skaters that were gonna be in it?
with each film, we don’t end up picking riders per se, things just end up falling into place, really. I mean, we have the handful of riders that have been there since day one, but you end up meeting new friends along the way that want to get involved. So there is always that basic foundation along with a few new dudes featured in each one. Some move onto other things, and some stick around. Just like anything else in the world of skateboarding.

Things got a little weird at the Arizona premiere last weekend. What do the AHM guys have in store for our park tonight?!

How long did this video take to make?
Some months shy of three years.

What’s the common thread that binds all the skaters in this video together?
Living in the same general area is definitely key, but I think it’s fundamentally our sense of humor. We’re all just insane.

Who’s got the standout part in AHM3?
It’s hard to say. Each person skates completely different than one another, which makes everyone standoutish in my eyes. But if I had to pick one in particular, I’d have to say Motta. He did something completely different than anything else that’s been put out. The time and effort it takes for him to find/fix his spots is mind boggling.

What was the filming process like on an average day?
Basically whoever was available that day we’d just go out with a spot in mind, and either get a trick or settle for filming some random funny stuff.

How many of the original AHM1 guys are going to have a strong showing in AHM3?
I like to think everyone, but just in a more evolved way. Injuries and sponsorship obligations get in the way, but overall they all have rad parts.

Are there newcomers in AHM3? If so, how did they get involved?
Like I said earlier, you just end up meeting new people you connect with and they’re psyched to be a part of what you’re doing. It’s especially rad showcasing someone so good who may be more under the radar. for example, this dude Marshall Winter absolutely killed it in this one. Very bright future for that guy.

Supposedly Jaws has a jaw-dropping part. We’ll find out tonight.

What cities did you film in mainly?
Phoenix, mainly.

What videos and filmmakers do you look to for inspiration?
I don’t really look outside myself for inspiration these days, but Greg Hunt’s Mindfield is definitely the most epic video to come out in a very, very long time in my opinion.

Why is the VX1000 your preferred camera of choice?
To me it’s the most natural looking. It’s as if it were made for skateboarding. The whole high def uproar doesn’t really make sense to me. I can’t argue that the quality has improved in the amount of pixels a camera can offer, but what’s lacking now is the aesthetic that the foundation of skateboard videos were built on. You can’t even properly frame the skater due to these new dimensions the cameras are filming on. “If it looks like shit, and it sounds like shit, then it must be shit.”

Was it hard to get these guys to film for a third AHM? Any notable motivation tactics on your end?
No. Everyone decides their level of involvement, and we’re all basically on the same page. No real motivational tactics other than keeping the stress level as low as possible and trying to always make the situation enjoyable.

Is this video in line with the first two AHMs, or does it have a markedly different vibe?
I feel at the core they all share something very similar, yet always having a different artistic direction to each of them. All three videos evolve as we evolve as individuals.

Order your copy of A Happy Medium III here and don’t miss the premiere in our park tonight at 8 p.m.!