The man behind Sergio (Cava Brain), Desert Crew, and a lot of the Sour team‘s footage. Jack is an easy-going Englishman who’s always down to cruise, film, and toast a brew whether his camera is in his other hand or not! Read up on his filming perspective and say hello if you run into him abroad.—Blair Alley

Jack follow-filming in a slippery corner.

Jack follow-filming in a slippery corner.

What’s up with the unusual title Sergio (Cava Brain)? Describe what Cava Brain is and who suffers from it the most!?
Cava Brain is that feeling of losing your mind when you drink even the slightest bit of some shitty, cheap ass, warm cava. I think we all get it pretty bad at times, Nisse and Josef for sure. At the premiere I lost the ability to talk after a few too many—that could have been the THC oil Josef was putting in people’s drinks though? The video was originally supposed to be called Cava Brain, then Sergio showed up and changed everything. It’s kind of a piss take as well on some of these pretentiously named skate clips that are being released these days, no names mentioned, you know who you are!

Where did the Sergio head come from? Who named him?
He just showed up at the Sour office one day with ‘Sergio’ scribed across the back of his neck. He found us, it was meant to be.

Why did you film this one with a VX?
It’s the easiest camera to carry around when you’re really hungover or still drinking. People were working on other stuff at the same time as this as well so it made it like a fun alternative to more serious things.

Jack in the Basque Country during last summer's Burn The Borders tour. Photo / LOMAR

Jack in the Basque Country during last summer’s Burn The Borders tour. Photo / LOMAR

How did you arrive at the three main skaters that are featured in Sergio?
It was never really planned until the end that this is how it would be, we just ended up with these three having a load of footy stacked up and we decided to make it like this. We’re out skating together most days so I guess it just happened like that.

Do you have a day job? Or are you filming full time?
I’m managing to just film at the moment pretty much. I do the board graphics and catalogue stuff for Sour as well. [Ed note: some of the best graphics in the game!]

How did you fund this video project?
It was all filmed when we were at home in Barcy or on the side of other trips like being in Malmo and Copenhagen, so there wasn’t really any funding.

What's next? Are you filming anyone else for future projects?
There’s always something, gotta keep busy. I’ve got a few parts waiting to come out now, one me and Jake Collins filmed together, that turned out dope. Me and Nisse just started working on something new as well. I got a few ideas for projects but it’s early days.

How important is music in your videos? How'd you come up with the song choices for Sergio?
Music is one of the most important things I think, if the songs are good and fit the skating and it’s put together well, then that’s what makes me want to watch something over and over. We always go over everything together and check everyone is down for the music, I don’t remember how many times we changed the songs but it was a lot. I knew already the kind of song I wanted for each part so it was just about finding the right ones.

How long did you film for for Sergio?
I’m not sure, the first clips were from just over a year ago I think, but it wasn’t non-stop filming since then. We stopped and started around other projects and trips and whatever. Everyone’s normally away for most of the summer or at the beach.

What filmers influence you?
Lomar, hes a genius. I like the Vans Propeller video as well.

There are a lot of lines in this one, was that a conscious decision while filming?
Kind of, because people were working on other stuff that had to be more HD hammers, so everyone felt like doing more fun stuff for this, which meant a lot of lines. I think it’s dope to see people skate differently in different parts.

Your favorite clip in the video we should look out for:
Josef’s gap manny flip out at the end. The floor was so bad and full of shit I could barely push along. He was supposed to just do gap manny, but then flipped out of it first try. That gap on top of the wall was no joke either. He did a lot of stuff for this video first try, haha. Nisse’s fakie flip switch back nose grind revs is crazy as well. I don’t think anyone has done that mid-ledge before.

Enjoy Sergio (Cava Brain) once more, and get ready for a raw clips edit coming tomorrow!

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