You’ve no doubt seen a few of the gnarly parts from The Street Demons Video on our site last week. Well our Art Director Keegan Callahan caught up with filmer/editor Zach Barton to see what’s up with this gnarly crew. Get learned and stay tuned tomorrow as we drop an exclusive new part from Strelow.

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Zach Barton and Reave Dennison. Photo / Gordon Nicholas. Click to enlarge.

Street Demons, as a crew, was Edmonton based originally right? Some of the original crew packed up and headed south for greener pastures in Vancouver, adding a bunch of people along the way?
It was originally based in Edmonton. Then Josh and Jetski and other heads started coming to visit Victoria and naturally added people from there. Then eventually people moved to Vancouver and then it became a big mix of people.

How exactly does one become a ‘Street Demon?’ Is there an initiation of some sort, perhaps attempting to cannonball a 10 flat 10 or something of that nature?
It’s not a gang. Or is it?

How long was this video in the works for? With the crew being spread out were there a few different contributing filmers? Did that make the editing process crazy?
It was probably in the works for three years but we only knew in the last two that we were going to make a video. I just told the skaters to send me whatever footage they got with whoever. There were a million filmers.

Zach Barton, tailslide. Photo / Gordon Nicholas

Zach Barton, tailslide. Photo / Gordon Nicholas. Click to enlarge.

Do you have a day job? Or just film full time?
I didn’t have a job for most of the video. I just skated and filmed but was insanely broke.

You rip and film. Is it ever difficult to sit out of the session and behind the camera?  What's the stoke managment technique?
Towards the end of the video it was mainly Reave Dennison filming everyone who was in Vancouver and Bradley always filmed with Jake Kuzyk. Whenever I was hurt i would try to film people.

Zach’s part:

How did you fund this independent project?
Emerica, Zero, Indy, Sitka, Color mag and Antisocial funded the DVDs and premiere. Mitch Phillips girlfriend flew us both out to San Francisco for a week to film. Shout out to Kelsey.

Mitch “Flips” Phillips part:

Was the plan from the start to make hard copy DVDs? Why did you decide against making a free online video?
I thought it was cooler to do it the old way and make DVDs.

Reave Dennison. Photo / Gordon Nicholas

Reave Dennison. Photo / Gordon Nicholas. Click to enlarge.

The video has a really consistent vibe throughout, what filmers and cinematographers influence you?
I like Baker, Zero and old TransWorld videos.

Are you a VX/Standard def die hard?
People can make anything look good. VX is just easiest and cheapest.

You had a few regional premieres for the video. What was the highlight of those nights for you?
Ha. I only went to the one in Vancouver and I hadn’t slept the night before trying to finish the video. It wasn’t that fun for me. Blacked out.

Silas Borsos, 180 Cannonball. Photo / Gordon Nicholas. Click to enlarge.

Silas Borsos, 180 Cannonball. Photo / Gordon Nicholas. Click to enlarge.

Favorite clip in the video?
Danny Empey frontside no comply UBC 14 or Silas Borsos cannonball attempt on the 9 flat 9 or whatever.

Cannonball interlude:

Danny Empey frontside no comply UBC 14, 4:03:

What's next? Are you filming anyone else for future projects? Are the big companies hitting you up for a staff filmer position?
I don’t really film anyone anymore. I just skate really.

What’s next for the Street Demon crew?
You will see.