Relapse – 22#1


Words and photos by Atiba

Over the past eight years of shooting for TWS I’ve been on many sessions thinking I have a photo that’s going to be used. For whatever reason there might be, these few chosen photos never made the printed pages of the magazine, and here’s an explanation why.

This frontside feeble of Jamie Thomas was shot before generators were involved in skating. It was at the end of the day, getting dark, and I pretty much made Jamie do it in the dark, which wasn’t cool—in 1996 you had no choice.

This sequence of Eric Koston doing a switch Smith grind in 1995 was one of the first things I ever shot of him. I went to L.A. with Dave Swift to film video. Swift didn’t have a sequence camera, and the one I had was slow, that’s why there’re only six frames. I was a pretty big Koston buff growing up, so to shot a sequence of him was amazing. The Planet Earth team was also skating there and filming with Ty Evans—who would’ve known eight years later in 2003 they’d make Yeah Right! together?

When I first moved to California I was a filmer for Foundation, and Heath Kirchart and Josh Beagle thought that it’d be fun to go to this cement skatepark in Tijuana, Mexico because it’s only twenty minutes from SD. When we got in the cab, I asked Heath how much money he had, he said, “Fifteen dollars.” I asked the cab driver with no meter how much the cab ride was, and he said, “Fifteen dollars.” That’s how you get jacked in Mexico. Frontside flip in 1995.

When I first moved to Oceanside in 1995 I didn’t have a job, so I’d just hang out in the TransWorld offices. One day Jeremy Klein came in and wanted to go skating. Everyone had things to do, so I went skating with him. He was with an am for Birdhouse named Jim Greco. Jim has done a lot of growing up since this photo.

Because I was always with skating with Ty, and Kenny Anderson slept on Ty’s floor in SD, I did a lot of hanging with Kenny in 1998. Kenny has always done good switch backside tailslides, then and now.

Whenever I’d go skate with Jeremy Klein, it was usually at 8:00 a.m. so you didn’t have to deal with people kicking you out of the spot. That was in 1997—I’m glad that never happens anymore.

I shot this sequence of Andrew Reynolds in 2000, and it was supposed to be in a Sightings, but Andrew needed a Baker ad. So I got it to them, and they never used it. The photos sat for six or seven months, then I got ’em back, but I had no use for ’em until now.


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