Relapse Gap Attack

Gap Attack

Believe it or not, there used to be some mental barriers when it came to ollienig off stuff in the skateboard world. At one point doing flip tricks off knee-high drops was considered gnarly, and if you ollied a double-set, you were instantly hailed the local hero. Well, now a days you have to flip your board over huge holes of death to even get a photographer to snap his shutter, and it’s all thanks to these skaters who pushed the limits at some of skateboarding’s most infamous crevices. You knew it was coming-the gap Relapse.

1994 Kris Markovich is truly one of the pioneers of gap skating. He blew a lot of minds and opened a lot of doors when he kickflpped the infamous Carlsbad gap. Check the personalized Markovich colors!

1994 All you new kids on the boards should probably know that Mark Gonzales was the first person to ollie this gap at San Francisco’s EMB, making it known round the world as the legendary Gonz gap. A couple years later when Gino Ianucci backside180 heelflipped it people just freaked because it was so ahead of it’s time.

1997: This sequence of Heath Kirchart attempting a kickflip at the UCSD blocks was the first sign that Heath was not only gnarly, but he might be a bit crazy. It also made people think, “If you can ollie it, you can probably kickflip it.”

1999: Jeremy Wray definitely holds the triple-set title. People had talked about ollieing the high-profile San Diego Sports Arena stairs for years, but Jeremy was the first one to actually do it.

1997: When Jamie Thomas tried to melon grab over this rail to drop he created something that couldn’t even be called a “gap.” It was deemed “The Leap Of Faith” and it’s probably the most well known ollie ever. The Leap Of Faith has since managed to break a couple people’s legs, so don’t step unless your ready to take a beating.