Skate "rock" Re-Defined With Habitat's Favorite Band … Woods

Drawing by Mike Sniper

Reverb: Woods
To most of us, skate videos are much more than just a person showing his or her latest tricks, skate videos are a lifeline. Skate videos teach us the ways of the world. Skate videos turn us on to new spots, fresh faces, old friends, different styles, and in some cases, skate videos can evoke an emotional almost spiritual response when the right musical accompaniment is paired with the appropriate visual stimuli—this is achieved when music is matched perfectly to the subject. This occurrence is rare, but one example can be seen and heard in the intro to Habitat's, Search The Horizon. The footage, graphics, and soundtrack set the tone and let the viewer know immediately that this is going to be an artistic and unique look at skateboarding. The band that provided the soundtrack in question is called, Woods. Woods also appeared in Habitat's, Origin providing aural backing to the seminal parts of Silas Baxter-Neal and Austyn Gillette. Well, Woods has a new record that will no doubt be on the most-played list of creative types in the skate world, and should probably be in your iPod ASAP—Woods' new record, With Light And With Love, is an instant classic. We caught up with, Wood's, Jarvis Taveniere, to get the details on the band's skate connection and the new album.—Chris Cote 

The first time many of us were exposed to the sweet sound of Woods was through the Habitat flick, Origin—how'd you guys link up with Joe Castrucci and the Habitat crew?
Jeremy who does the artwork and sings in Woods was contacted by them and ended up collaborating on some art for a board series. Turns out they were fans of the band and wanted to use some of our songs for their films as well. It was an honor that those guys liked our music enough to want to use it in one of their videos—the parts they used our songs in were amazing.

Austyn Gillette in Origin, second song is Woods

I'm assuming you guys grew up skating and watching skate videos?
I started skating when I was eight and became immediately obsessed with it, that is until I started getting hurt over and over and started to gravitate towards music. Skateboarding was the thing I did in public, then I'd go home and hide in my room listening to music. All I did was skate, listen to music, skate, listen to music.

Some bands are assholes about skateboarders or surfers using their stuff in videos, it's refreshing to see a band so down with letting a skate company use their music.
We're honored, stoked, and shocked that Habitat wanted to use our stuff. I heard about so many bands through skate videos and to think that there are kids out there listening to Woods music while watching skate videos is unbelievable. Obviously it's great to make a little bit of money when someone uses your music, but in the case of a skate video; to see someone use our music as a soundtrack for them while they're doing something they love, like skateboarding, is amazing.

Silas Baxter-Neal in Origin, second song is Woods

Skaters have to go through hell sometimes to get a trick, but we've also heard time and time again that rolling away gives you a feeling like nothing else in the world—do you ever feel like that when trying to get a song just right and failing over and over until you finally get it right?
Definitely. There are songs that come together quickly, and there are songs that you just want to give up on and throw away, but like rolling away from a trick in skating, you know that if you just make some adjustments or keep at it, you'll finish, and you know that feeling of accomplishment is coming, it's just a matter of dedicating yourself to it. It helps when you have friends there to keep you motivated or to say, "it's almost there," "keep trying"—that feeling of knowing you nailed a trick or a sing is similar, and both can be a trying process.

What's next for Woods?
We're heading out on tour, writing new music, and enjoying the journey.

Woods' new album, With Light And With Love drops Monday, April 14 2014, check out for more info.

Fri-Apr-25 Philadelphia, PA Boot and Saddle
Sat-Apr-26 Washington, DC Rock and Roll Hotel
Sun-Apr-27 Richmond, VA Strange Matter
Mon-Apr-28 Asheville, NC Mothlight
Tue-Apr-29 Atlanta, GA Masquerade – Purgatory
Thu-May-01 Houston, TX Mangos
Fri-May-02 Austin, TX Austin Psych Festival
Sat-May-03 Dallas, TX Club Dada
Sun-May-04 Lawrence, KS Love Garden's 24th Anniversary Celebration @ Seed Co. Studios
Tue-May-06 St Louis, MO Firebird
Wed-May-07 Chicago, IL Subterranean
Fri-May-09 Toronto, ON Great Hall / Canadian Music Week
Sat-May-10 Montreal, QC Il Motore
Sun-May-11 Burlington, VT Higher Ground
Tue-May-13 Portland, ME Space Gallery
Wed-May-14 Boston, MA Sinclair
Thu-May-15 Kingston, NY BSP Kingston
Fri-May-16 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom

Check out the new single from With Light And With Love: