The New York City premiere of Riddles In Mathematics took place at Williambsburg's new skate / art hot spot The Woods. Japan's DJ B handled the beats, PBR sponsored the night with free beers for the evening and our very own JZ Radical hosted the event. It was a killer night in The Big Apple for sure!

JZ Radical & Paul Garr

Zelda & Troy.

Lon Drew,. Elijah Anderson, Brick Breitmaier & Jd Buckets. Street Urchins reppin' hard.

Ryan Chiavola, Charlie Walsh & Alberto Oliver

The crowd getting riddled!

Sam Parks, Rick Sulz, Stephanie Tonnoir and Jeffrey Smith

Alfreido & Kieran


Charlie, Krystal & Donnie.

Estaban Gomez, Benjamin Marquez & Gio Pagan

Anders & Estaban Gomez

Craig Weatherby, Cass Federy, Pat Hoblin, Stephanie Tonnoir, and Akira Ruiz


Eric Colon

Cass Federy hyped to see her man Pat Hoblin in the film! Everyone was super hyped on Yaje and Pat's footy.

Riddles is in shops now and will be on iTunes on March 14!