Rodney Versus Daewon

Is The Rivalry Really Over?

With the rivalry running as deep as it has in the past and the recent release of Round 3, who could possibly be better candidates for a Versus column than Rodney and Daewon, right? One look at their stone-cold glares on the boxes of Round 1 and Round 2 will tell you that they mean business, as does their skating in Round 3, which, by the way, is the first video put out by the two where they’re actually on the same team.

But despite the making-reference-to-a-winner-in-the-end title, the new video really is about them making amends. They’re a friendlier, more cordial Rodney and Daewon, and it couldn’t have been more apparent when we tried to sit them both down for this Versus-we made a whole hearted attempt to pin them against each other in a Pistons versus Pacers manner and keep this whole thing brewing. If it worked for them, it would surely work for us. To our dismay, however, we found the two are actually best buddies-who would have thought?

As a lack of controversy doesn’t sell magazines, we still tried to make a go at it, but all they wanted to do was make faces into the camera. Seriousness in any capacity was not an option-even when we tried to ask Rodney his top five reasons why Daewon will always be better than him, he cracked jokes like, “‘Cause he can get away with wearing his little white boots-I could never pull that one off.” Beyond that it was only compliments on each other’s hairstyles and Daewon mumbling something about wishing he had the patience of Rodney. He didn’t even want to take congratulations on receiving the last part, demanding it should have been Rodney’s-er, hope that wasn’t a vid spoiler for you.

So, in case you couldn’t tell, any tough-looking faces above are completely coached and the hatchet is buried. Maybe Round 4 can be Haslam Versus Lutzka? Anything at this point is speculation, but let it be known that Rodney and Daewon have officially kissed and made up.-Eric Stricker