Roll Call: Chris Colbourn

Chris Colbourn, the Vermont to LA transplant is gonna have one hell of a part in Cut & Dry, the new video from James Buchmann premiering in LA Thursday September 26. Check out some ripping clips and read a short interview below.

Where are you from and where are you living now?
I'm from Williston, Vermont and currently living in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

How did you link up with James Buchmann and start filming for this video?
I met James through my good friend Danny Hopkins, who was the first friend I had growing up in my hometown that had a passion for filming and skateboarding in general. Around eighth grade he invited me on a trip to Woodward, Pennsylvania, where I met James and a few other friendly New Yorkers I still hang out with to this day. We began filming a few years later for his video, but skated and kept in touch in the meantime.

What's the idea behind the Cut & Dry video?
Cut & Dry started as a previous board sponsor's video (Silent Skateboards), however through an unfortunate but necessary turn of events, our filmer and friend; James Buchmann, went on to create his own independent film, and it's been madness mixed with good times trying to finish it ever since.

How long have you been filming for it?
I've probably been filming for Cut & Dry for about four or five years, about a year before I moved to California in 2010. This was mainly due to growing up closer to James than anyone else in the video, with Tom Rhorer being the second closest from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Who's gonna be the sleeper hit of the video?
Mike Patterson fasho, a good friend from Seattle with style for days.

Who are you getting hooked up by?
Element (flow), HUF (flow), Mighty Healthy, Satori, Mountain Dew, Brooklyn Projects, and Talent Skate Park.

What's your next video project we can look forward to?
I've been skating a lot with my friend Mikey Alfred, who is filming a new video for his company; Illegal Civilization, called IC2. I'm hoping to film enough for a part in that, and it will be out next year in April.

Filmed by Tim Fulton and James Buchmann. Interview by Blair Alley