Roll Call: Ishod Wair

Check out Ishod’s sickest line from The SB Chronicles, Vol. 2 and read a quick interview about the video below. Cop it on iTunes.

Filmed by Jason Hernandez. Interview by Blair Alley

How was the premiere vibe in New York?
It was good. It was tight. I knew a lot of the people there just from New York. It was a pretty small theater.

How many cities did you travel to for premieres?
Four: LA, Paris, France, Philadelphia, and New York.

Which crowd was the livest?
Maybe LA or France, because I feel like those are the people that didn’t really see it. Some people just saw it online.

Did you know you were going to have last part?
Jason told me a little bit before the video.

Did you help pick your song?
Jason gave me a bunch of songs to choose from. That’s the one I chose.

There’s some crazy story with that band [Death].
Yeah, I know the whole story. These three brothers from Detroit who made this music back in the ’70s, but it wasn’t found until 2009. The way it was found is really confusing, but it was found in 2009 and now everybody thinks it’s sick, and it is. There’s a bunch of other stuff having to do with it that’s pretty complicated, but yeah, they’re tight.

Were there any hip hop songs in the running?
Nah, not really.

Do you have any other video projects coming up next?
Brian Panebianco who filmed Sabotage is making a fourth one, so I’m probably gonna do that.

What’s the lineup for Chronicles Vol. 3 and when’s that coming out?
I have no clue. I heard Koston, but I’m not even sure of that.

Did you have a favorite part in Chronicles 2?
Every part was super sick, but I’d have to say Donovon. I knew it was gonna be so sick too. I’d be skating with him and I’d be like, “Donny’s killing it.” I like the pelican clip after he does that feeble back 180.