Rookie Of The Year – Kevin “Spanky” Long

Kevin “Spanky” Long

What really says you’ve made it like winning Rookie Of The Year? Maybe kicking it poolside at the Chateau Marmont with people like Jack Black, Kirsten Dunst, and other Hollywood notables. Spanky has, but the truth is that he probably “fans out” more over the skateboarders he’s grown up watching, many of whom have become his teammates on Baker and Emerica.

The aforementioned Hollywood run-in might be the only thing “Hollywood” about Spanky. While most other rookie pros are taking their board-sales checks to the car dealership, Spanky’s just stacking chips and seeing the world. Okay, he does have a little Beamer, but it’s an old one that sits at his parents’ house in the Valley and is rarely driven. The thought of dumping money into something superficial, and eventually disposable, seems crazy to the kid: “I don’t understand people and their cars. When I’m behind the wheel, I want to crash into stuff!” It’s a controlled recklessness that isn’t apparent from hanging around his reserved self … until he gets on his skateboard. His professional peers have witnessed it time and time again. No wonder they voted him Rookie Of The Year.

Oh, and yes, Kirsten, Spanky is one of those “skateboarder guys.”