Following up on Danny Brady’s interview from Wednesday, here’s Nick Jensen weighing in on his journey from last part in Lost & Found, to founding Isle, and reuniting with his old Blueprint teammates in Palasonic. Cheers, Nick!—Blair Alley

Back Smith in LA, 2012. Photo: Barton

So basically I wanted this interview to start with you and Brady bookending Lost & Found in 2005. What was life like in 2005 for Nick Jensen, and what are your memories of filming for that epic video? Did you have any idea L&F would have the impact it did?
Not at all, I was very excited about it and did feel like we were putting in a lot of time and effort. So I had a sense that it was going to inspire and impress people.

Nick’s ender part in Lost & Found:

Then two years later, you share the Royal Family part in Fully Flared. One of the most hyped videos of all time, how were you feeling leading up to the release and did you see any of the edits ahead of time? Like the six-panel intro?
No, I never saw any of the footage leading up, you kind of accept that and just get in with trying to film good stuff. I remember feeling quite nervous, because I thought I could have done more tricks or something. I think because it was so hyped and we kept hearing little snippets of what people were landing, it just made me feel worried.

Your next part was Make Friends with the Colour Blue in 2010. What was your feeling on the growth and strength of Blueprint at this time? Now you're one of the vets on the team bringing up new talent.
It was really fun, we had a good vibe going, we were going on all these trips and hanging out. It gave me a strong purpose and inspired me to want to think of cool tricks to do.

Make Friends with Nick:

In 2012, the Blueprint team leaves the brand. How did the news get to you that everyone was leaving? What was your initial thought on your next board sponsor?
We kind of all decided to quit at once, when the company got taken over from Faze 7 And Jo Burlo, everything started to go downhill. The company wasn't the same, the new owner just didn't get it. Shier approached me one day and said would I like to do a company with him? I was so stoked, I wanted to have a go myself at making boards and coming up with ideas.

By the next year, 2013, you and Shier had launched Isle. How did you come up with the idea to start your own brand? Were there any other brands you thought about riding for? How did the name Isle come about?
We just spent days and days going through names. I was thinking about Island, being that it’s going to be a mainly UK company, this made sense. But one day out skating with Rob Mathieson and Paul Shier, Rob suggested shortening Island to Isle and it just made sense. I liked the soft sound of it and that it was four letters. It just stuck and we knew it was right. I never thought about riding for another brand really.

That same year, Brady went to Palace, along with some other Blueprint alumni. Was it difficult to see some past teammates go to another brand? Did you want some of them to ride for Isle?
It was kind of cool because we didn't want to recreate Blueprint and I think Palace works way better for Brady and Chewy.

Backside kickflip to firecracker. Italy, 2017. Photo: Biondani

In 2015, Isle really cemented its name and showed its talent in Vase. Did you have a feeling that Vase would be as well received as it was?
I personally really loved making that video. Me and Jacob Harris just seem to see eye to eye about lots of the creative ideas. I think everyone was so excited and that energy just gave the video so much momentum. I was really happy how it was received, everyone was really supportive and found our approach original which was nice.

In 2016, you started riding for Nike SB. How did this new shoe sponsor come about after so many years on Lakai?
Lakai just couldn't offer me what they were before, and I was going to have to get a job to support myself if I stayed on. Then Colin Kennedy was such a legend and offered me a deal so that I could carry on skating.

Atlantic Drift has continued the Isle vibe in 2016 and 2017, along with The Cinematographer Project World View. You and Danny (The Merchandise, Palasonic) seem to be putting out more footage than ever in 2017. What's the day-to-day balance of life for you these days, and are you out filming all the time?
Weirdly I have been doing bits with Atlantic drift, but I tweaked my ankle really bad on the St. Paul's episode and so that sucked. Then recently I was out with Will Miles and filmed a little video that I was really stoked on. My day to day is balanced between looking after my new baby, skating, painting and isle.

Lastly, you've got guest tricks in Palasonic, so at the end of 2017, you and Danny are reunited again in a video. But your tricks were in Lucien's part, I'd expected they'd be in Danny's?
It was because of Victoria benches. That spot is where I learned to skate ledges and that's where Lucien first started skating with his brother. Lucien could noseslide them and now he can switch backside noseblunt them. What's rad is that the section is edited to a song used from Toby Shaull’s part and Toby kinda taught me how to skate high ledges, so there is a nice connection! Thanks Lev.

Nick in 2012. Photo: Skin