Ryan Bobier Mysteriously Wins The Damn Am

2003 Damn Am Street Results

1.Ryan Bobier
2.Torey Pudwill
3.Danny Morrin
4.Evan Mirchell
5.Chris Troy
6.Collin Provost
7.Leo Romero
8.Gareth Stehr
9.Rick Eusey
10.Dylan Rieder
11.Jake Lapole
12.Tyler Hendley

2003 Damn Am Best Trick Results

1.George Evans, Smith grind to frontside boardslide down the rail.
2.Aaron Perko, Kickflip krooks
3.Anthony Janow, Krooked grind to 5-0
4.Andrew Cannon, 360 flip lipslide up the gap
5.Marcus Allen, Nollie feeble

2003 Damn Am Vert Results

1.Steve Rev
2.Rob Lorifice
3.Chaz Pineda
4.Dan Stephan
5.Evandro Menezes
6.Alex Perelson
7.Chris Gregson
8.Joshua Borden
9.Jeff Byrd
10.Kris Reeves

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