San Diego Subtleties premiere.

The historic La Paloma has seen its share of video premieres over the years, and the Subtleties premiere on June 17 pretty much followed the formula they all do. Encinitas is a lazy beach hamlet right down the I-5 from our offices and is peppered with industry-friendly pubs full of pretty faces.

The evening began around 6 P.M. at the Saloon, the bar you go to if you work in or are somehow involved with the skate industry. Even the pro hos.About eight o’clock there was a mass migration the one block down the Old Highway One to La Paloma, not before a pitstop at 7-11 for more beverages. The staff at La Paloma is pretty mellow, so smuggling in your own refreshments is standard.

There was an interesting Beastie Boys video as a pre-show. Home video footage most likely not edited by Spike Jonze, but fascinating none-the-less. The theatre was packed with skaters from all over San Diego county, and even LA. Jon Holland’s videos are always good, so it’s guaranteed to be worth your while to make it to a TransWorld video premiere. The video was great, as you’ll all soon see, so after that, it was time to go next door to the Martini Ranch for the afterparty.

Here’s where things get cloudy. There was free TransWorld and Beastie Boys shwag being handed out, which ended up all over the bar, and on a few people’s buns. People were just getting pissed, buying each other drinks, there were beautiful women all over—there was even a bachelorette party going on—what?!

Scarlett Symphony took the stage. This rock band’s got all the buzz in San Diego at the moment and are getting booked left and right, and deservingly so. Check them out if you can.

Mario Rubalcaba’s band Earthless played last. This band was pretty intense. All instrumental, it’s hard to describe their sound, but well worth seeing. Mario’s a hell of a drummer, he used to be a pro skater too—talented bastard.

After the bands finished, it was probably rounding the stroke of midnight, and people were crapfaced. Some hung at the Ranch, many walked kitty-corner back to the Saloon. A lot just hung out on the street beckoned by the warm summer air. The side-by-side mexican joints across the street provided the much needed substance for people’s pickled stomachs. So yeah, that’s basically the anatomy of a video premiere at La Paloma. And we were all on time to work the next morning.