The bowl/spine section at one end of the park.

The amazing new City Heights Skatepark opens Monday December 18! We’ll definitely see you there. Another banger from Kanten Russell and Stantec.

Located in Park De La Cruz, 3603 38th street San Diego, CA 92105

Square footage: 19,000 s.f.
Cost to build: $950,000
Time it took to build: One year due to the surrounding park improvements and major rain delays.
Lights? Yes
Helmets required? Ride at your own risk facility. Helmets/pads are recommended.
Hours: Dusk to dawn

Kanten was the skatepark design lead for Stantec and it collaborated on the design of the skatepark and the overall park project with Schmidt Design Group. Most of the input came from working with the community at the public meetings and the Tony Hawk Foundation.

What was the thought behind building it across the freeway from another park?
There was an opportunity to do the smaller project right away as part of another project across the bridge, but it was determined the city still needed a bigger regional size skatepark and that was the space available to do it across the bridge at Park De La Cruz as part of a grant that the City of San Diego secured.

Peep the photos from a little preview session we had earlier this week. Photos: @blair.alley

Cody Subido, boardslide yank out.

Vinny Dalfio, invert.

The bowl at one end of the park.

Cody Subido, slappy frontside crooked grind.

Vincent Milou, visiting from France, can bust big kickflips off these bumps.

SD favorite, James Gaehner, frontside bluntslide.

SD finest filmmaker, Cameron McIntosh.

Dudes that are making these parks a reality: Aric Sanders and Kanten Russell.