Santa Cruz Guarte Premiere

Santa Cruz Skateboards Premieres Guarte

By Eric Sentianin

From the get-go, this little journey up to San Jose was to see the world premiere of Santa Cruz’s new video, Guarte. You’re probably wondering what Guarte means. Don’t bother looking at your Spanish/English dictionary because the word doesn’t exist. But back to the journey—along with seeing a new video, David Stoddard and I thought we’d take the opportunity to skate some of the skateparks in the San Jose/Santa Cruz area. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans and canceled our program after only 30 minutes at the slightly new Scott’s Valley skatepark. Nice park with large transitions and a small street area. It was nice just to roll around.

After being denied extensive physical activity, we hopped into our rented Chevy Classic and headed to our hotel in downtown San Jose, where the premiere was to be held later that night. After setting up home base, the rain ceased, so we decided to head out into the streets to see what the lovely downtown area had to offer. Rewind to our earlier scenario, because Mother Nature decided to rain some more, once again ending our plans of rolling around. We were sent back to the hotel room to watch reruns of the Surreal Life until it was time for Guarte.

The premiere atmosphere was one of excitement and anticipation, and rightfully so, this video is different. I mean it shows skateboarders pushing and riding their boards like they were meant to be. Guarte came charging out of the gates with Damien Smith pushing as fast as he could to nollie some train tracks and then launch a bump to bar and didn’t stop until Emmanuel Guzman was done terrorizing every bit of terrain. It was enough to make you proud to see someone so versatile riding a skateboard.

But there’s never a need to ruin the hype for you, the readers, with a part-by-part dissection. Just know that Guarte has a story—written and directed by Jesse Erickson—running through the video that’s usually hard to pull off, but filmer Eric Noren pulls it off nicely without boring the viewer or really distracting from the video overall. Check out the trailers below and decide for yourself. But if you need some more help, Santa Cruz has mixed in some special gold Guarte discs. The lucky buyers of these special DVDs will get a one-year sponsorship from Santa Cruz. That’s definitely worth the purchase of this DVD alone, other than seeing what riding a skateboard looks like.