Savier/NW AM League Results

Savier’s Officepark Contest was “Off the Heezy my Neezy

On Saturday Oct 5 over 120 charged up am’sflooded Savier’s officepark in Portland to compete for points in the NWLeague Series and for Run DMC chains with dangling spray painted Stabashoes.

Doors opened bright and early at 8 am and the contest began at 9:30 am. Anhour and a half was all the skaters had to sort out their runs in themystery park they had only pictured in their heads for the last few months.The heats were quick and smooth and props to all who skated. Everycompetitor gave it their all and for many it was their first contest ofsuperstardom. Their very own photographer, filmer, and fans were allpresent in the home base of Savier’s dream team. Enlarged images of BrianAnderson, Stefan Janoski, Brad Staba, Jose Rojo, and Tim O’Connor served assilent motivation for these up and comers. They all knew this is where theyhave threw down in the past and now it was theirs for the day and theexcitement showed. At 4:30 pm the last award was given out and every personin here left smiling and fulfilled. Perhaps it was the new street courseSavier employees slaved over for the last three weeks, or the chance tocheck out the “exclusive park in person, maybe it was the coke machinefilled with Vanilla coke…whichever it was kids left here amazed and theunique contest environment offered much more to these am’s than a trophyfrom the early 80’s, they got some reassurance that being a skateboardertoday is full of opportunity and fun times.

Savier’s local flow team competed in the factory sponsored division and theshop sponsored division. Jesse Bracewell took home first place and PhilTrotter got third in factory sponsored and Chris Stuker grabbed first in theshop sponsored division.Savier/NW AM League Contest ResultsSaturday October 5, 2002

Factory Sponsored
1st Jesse Bracewell
2nd Robo Repp
3rd Phil Trotter
4th Aaron Johnson
5th Vincent DeValle

Shop Sponsored
1st Chris Stuker
2nd Rob Collins
3rd Michael Derrick
4th Jared Jones
5th Paul Hernandez

8 & Under
1st Ben Watts
2nd Skyler Siljeg
3rd Isiah Arnold
4th Mitchie Brusco
5th Garrett Warnich

9& 10 yr olds
1st Dane Reising
2nd Daniel Walsh
3rd James Lindell
4th Benjamin Rogan
5th Chris Jameson

11-12 yr olds
1st Chris Malsam
2nd Brian Baca
3rd David Brownlee
4th Jonathon Reno
5th Austin Sweeten

13-15 yr olds
1st Andrew Nguyen
2nd Josh Matthews
3rd Dylan Jones
4th Aaron Herrington
5th Matthew Boggess

16 & Over
1st Steve Brewer
2nd Walter Kulnis
3rd Chris Montello
4th Brandon Garfield
5th Robert Bemis