Saviours, Into Abaddon

Into Abaddon

There’s a bit of ambiguity surrounding the word “Abaddon. Translated from the Hebrew, it literally means “place of destruction. Some religious scholars consider it to be another name for hell, or possibly one of hell’s regions. Then there’s everybody’s favorite book of the Bible—Revelation (!)—which personifies Abaddon as the angel of the abyss, or alternately the King Of Locusts. He is described as a human-sized locust (how cool/evil is that?) who was used by Moses to summon the plague of locusts that befell Egypt after the pharaoh wouldn’t free the Hebrews from bondage.

My point here is that there needs to be some disambiguation where Abaddon is concerned. Why? Because of the title of Saviours’ new album, Into Abaddon. Like, if they take it to mean “place of destruction, then cool. Then it’s appropriate because it’s like going to hell, which suits their music perfectly because it’s evil and loud and pretty awesome. But if Abaddon refers to the King Of Locusts, then Into Abaddon is a little weirder. Like you’re looking longingly into Abaddon’s black locust eyes and you find yourself starting to fall in love with him and suddenly you’re trying to buy him a cocktail as you whisper softly into his ear, “I want to be inside you

Oh well, either way.—Andreas Trolf