Scott Kane: Answers By Action

It was a full-blown nationwide manhunt. TransWorld’s telephone lines stayed busy, e-mails fired across the country, and the edit staff was being verbally tortured to produce the words before deadline. Amidst all the turmoil some arguments erupted, feelings became hurt, and a couple foosball games were missed. So who in the hell could be this incredibly important? Tony Hawk? Nope. Nate Sherwood? Nah. It was none other than Scott Kane, the scrappy white boy from Long Beach.

Amazingly, while everyone was stressing and trying to scheme a way to steal this kid’s mental thoughts and put them to paper, Scott couldn’t have cared less, and that’s goddamned wonderful. I’m all for skateboarders being unprofessional and mysterious again. So we won’t be doing any quotes or transcribing here, but I will be telling you a few things I’ve learned about Mr. Kane.

Number one: Scott’s tough. Now I’m not talking about in the jock weight-lifter sense, I’m talking about tough, disciplined street smarts. I’ve seen some situations where people try to intimidate Scott, hoping to elicit a sign of fear, only to find this skinny kid ignoring them with a defiant confidence. This confidence ends up shining through in his skateboarding, as I’ve never heard Scott complain or fake excuses. So while some kids are rolling up to the spot and complaining about their bruised heels, Scott’s lacing up his ankle brace and backside-noseblunting ten-stair rails.

Number two: Scott’s focused. You’ve probably seen some kids get thrown into the skateboard game who burn ever so brightly for a quick minute, firing off tricks that have never been done, amassing a small army of sponsors, and then for some reason, they fall off the face of the planet. More often than not, these kids have come under assault by the cruel skate world of politics and criticism, unfortunately getting distracted by money and melting under the pressure. Luckily for us, Scott concentrates on what matters the most-skateboarding. So when confronted by a few envious critics who try and claim Kane is “just a handrail skater,” Scott just laughs. In fact, go ahead and check all the “handrail” tricks in these pages.

[IMAGE 3 ]

Finally: Scott couldn’t care less. You can’t help but get the feeling that Scott would still be shredding down the street to the skatepark even if he wasn’t sponsored. Skateboarding is obviously something he loves. So the next time everyone at TWS is freakin’ out trying to steal some of Scott’s thoughts and write an article, saying that he couldn’t care less might be a bit misleading. Scott actually does care about some things a lot, but getting caught in front of a tape recorder isn’t one of them.-Shad

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