The results are in. Arvin Dumaua has won peoples choice with his Screaming TMNT hand and Jim Phillips has reviewed the entries and chosen his favorites and the winner of the Santa Cruz prize package:

As creator of the famous graphic, it was an honor to be asked by the TransWorld gang to judge a Screaming Hand drawing contest. Reviewing the amazingly creative drawings was fun. However, judging was not so easy as there were so many cool designs. I spent a long time with each one to be sure I didn't overlook anything. I was alternately amused and impressed, and I found every sketch was creative in it's own way. There were some real knockouts, several that looked pro, and a few minimal effort submissions. I was impressed how many obviously drew their own hand image instead of tracing a sticker. Work that looked finished took preference over one-color pencil sketches, and good ideas over clichés, I’ve seen too many 'horns' to consider those. If they were not titled I provided my own. Thanks to all the artists who submitted art! -Jim Phillips

Honorable mention (below) and top ten continued.

Honorable Mention: Aaron Reid's "Slasher-off Hand" wins the award for solving the mystery of how the Screaming Hand became severed, the answer even eluding it's creator for many years. Aaron, looks like you drew this during algebra class… So extra points for that. -Jim Phillips

10. T. Bordeaux's "Screaming Baby Hand" is a touching tribute to the little hand's first tooth. Mrs. Hand is not absolutely certain of paternity but the resemblance is undeniable. A little rough but cleaned up would work great for tees and stickers… Okay, so there's eleven. -Jim Phillips

9. Louis Genty apparently borrowed a dynamic effect from Salvador Dali's tigers leaping from tigers to draw this fun and interesting flight of regurgitating Hands. Yow, the 3D tongue comes right out at you… Oh yuk, yellow phlegm! Even if this pencil sketch were refined with ink it would be unlikely to work for tees or stickers. -Jim Phillips

8. Gavin Canez's "Log Hand" makes me wonder if we will be seeing these log slices in tourist shops with Screaming Hand instead of barn paintings. The hand is simple but graphic and with set-up would qualify as a workable print for tees and stickers. Is there a blender story with this art? -Jim Phillips

7. Herman Incluus' enigmatic "Unholy Hand" evokes Munsters meet Edward Gorey in a Victorian shadow-box, a striking and professional quality presentation but I'm left wondering what it is…and how much is painted, how much is assembly and how much was digital. Flunks the sticker test, but good enough to make my top ten. -Jim Phillips

6. Andy Stattmiller's "Blather Hand" looks professional, and I suspect he is. But that's ok, especially that he hit the target fairly close with a few stokes of the pen, in true cartoonist's form and looking animated. It seems to say “blah blah blah” instead of screaming but that's ok too, there's a lot of blather out there. Passes the sticker and tee shirt test with three simple colors. -Jim Phillips

5. Andrew Chick's drawing of "Jim Drawing Hand" cracked me up! It's all true too, except the color and mouth! I gave it high marks despite my feelings that a Screaming Hand contest should embrace more of the elements of form and function, it would not make a proper logo, sticker or tee. My thanks for that one though. -Jim Phillips

4. Jeremy Elder's "Mustachioed Hand" is a jolly good concept and expertly designed and drawn to exacting standards. I was mystified by the racing goggles and bloody gear innards, but alas! Certainly this poppycock would go over well in high-brow societies. Sticker/tee correct, but lost points on less-than-heavy graphic style a la Screaming Hand, but a dashing one nonetheless, eh? -Jim Phillips

3. William M. Burns' "Nightmare Hands". The content and emotion of this amazingly gripping scene and masterfully drawn anatomy do not overtake many misgivings concerning the contest theme: graphically weak charcoal/pencil medium, non logo/sticker square shape. would work well framed over the mantle. Maybe good on tees but it's not iconic material. -Jim Phillips

3. Jorge Rueda Riberta's excellently rendered "Were Hand" hits most of the elements needed to fulfill a Screaming Hand art contest. Jorge handles tricky hair well in his bold graphic inkwork, and it is the first "were" hand I've seen. No sever or blood, not sure about the horizontal drool..maybe red would look better than molasses? I assume you haven't seen my 2011 Yeti Hand logo for Santa Cruz Europe, but because there is a similar precedent your design was knocked from first place. -Jim Phillips

1. Mike Long jarred my funny-bone on his happy "Goofy Hand".  This loveable goof-ball hand has plenty of charming personality and it leaves me feeling good. Besides a bit of slobbering drool, what more could you ask? Crude inking but that seems appropriate here. Would work easily for tees and stickers, in fact I'd like a black t-shirt with this, what do you think Santa Cruz bosses, can we license this one? -Jim Phillips

Congratulations to Mike Long! Your Santa Cruz prize package is on the way!