Senn Earns Gold

Throughout the X-Games the monstrous video monitor would explain certain “X-Factors” about each rider before each run. For example, before Chris Senn took his run, the monitor informed everyone that “Chris is a full time student and only missed two classes due to competition” which is cool if you are trying to impress a Harvard recruiter but the crowd that gathered at yesterday’s X-Games could care less about GPA’s and more about skateboarding. What the monitor should have said is “Chris Senn is determined to destroy anything that is put in front of him” he would have proved that “X-Factor” yesterday by winning this year’s gold medal at the 1999 X-Games.

If practice runs counted Brian Anderson could have won the medal hands down by executing flawless lipslides down the big rail and tailslides down the simulated “Hubba Hideout” but unfortunately for Brian his final runs didn’t match the practice heat and ended up a very respectable 6th place.

Throughout the contest most eyes were on last years street gold winner Carlos DeAraujo who’s technicality and consistency are unsurpassed, but unfortunately for Carlos, a couple falls kept him out of the gold, Leaving the door wide open for Pat Channita, Chris Senn, and a surprising Chad Fernandez.

Most likely pumped up from last months win at the Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding, Pat Channita was out to prove that it just wasn’t some fluke and let his technical skills take center stage receiving the highest score of the contest so far. That was until Chris Senn took his run, Chris was destroying the course during practice and didn’t stop there, basically leaving nothing in the massive course untouched. Frontside tailslides on the “SF Barrier”, Frontside boardslides on the rail, and Nosepicks on the Vert wall. Chris by now had put Channita in second and was on his way to the gold or was he?

Chad Fernandez still had a run to take, Chad is one of skateboarding’s best skaters these days. He has been so good for so long people are finally recognizing him for his abilities. He had been on fire all day destroying the big rail with solid feeble and crooked grinds. Unfortunately for Chad a few basic falls put him out of the top spot, making Chris Senn an X-Games gold medal winner for the third time, followed by Pat Channita and Chad Fernandez.

1. Chris Senn
2. Pat Channita
3. Chad Fernandez
4. Carlos DeAndrande
5. Carlos DeAraujo
6. Brian Anderson
7. Alan Petersen
8. Andy Macdonald
9. Steve Caballero
10. Kris Markovich