Ryan Sheckler, pole-jam.

Ryan Sheckler, pole-jam. From the cover of our October ’15 issue. Check out the footy in the latest Sheckler Sessions in Oz!

Like everyone else, I love goin' on holidays. I'll go on a holiday anywhere, especially if the expenses are paid—third world countries, Arabia, whatever. Tell me it's a holiday and I'm already halfway there. All I'm thinkin' is kick my feet up, have a tour guide, hopefully go skateboarding, hang out with the boys, and have a damn good time. This one really threw me off though. It was like a holiday, but in my hometown and I was the tour guide. Anyone who is from the big beautiful shores of Australia is well aware of it being some sort of paradise in a far, far away land. This being said, it's easy to take for granted and get stuck in the same old routine in the same old suburb. There are a lot of "activities" to join in on, but the time ticks by slower down here and sometimes you'll find yourself not so active. Not these couple of weeks though; I had some of the boys comin' to town to film for Sheckler Sessions, which you can see on Red Bull TV, and I was determined to show them why the Land Down Under is the tits.
Words & Photos by Andrew Peters


Torey Pudwill, frontside kickflip. (click to enlarge)

We'd moved into a massive house on Bronte Beach, which is surely one of the best places to live in the world. I'm a kid from the dry suburbs of Sydney, so I'd always dreamed of one day spending some more time in this part of the world. The main priority for our trip was street skateboarding, but that being said, you can only skate so many hours in the day when you're on a trip for two weeks without getting tired, sore, or injured. So making the most of "location, location, location," we planned to get to the beach every morning of our stay. There's a saying in Australia, "She'll buff out" (Sheckler even has it tattooed on his leg), which refers to a dingle buffing out of a car, but basically means everything will be okay—well, it's kinda a way of life down here, and on our first journey to the beach, I was living by it. The tides were higher than I've ever seen them down at Gordon's Bay, and it looked a little rough and dangerous, but full of excitement and adrenalin, I decided, "She'll buff out." Torey had mentioned he wasn't the best swimmer, but I figured, "Eh, the swim spot has the word 'bay' in it. He'll be all right." I encouraged him to jump off the rock and have a snorkel around for some fish. Moments after hitting the water, panic struck and Torey started gasping for air as though the ocean was swallowing him into its deep-blue belly. I panicked, "Holy shit, I've killed Torey, first day, first try." I swam over to him to help out and realized that you could actually stand up where he was. I tried to convince him to put his feet down and walk out, but fear of the unknown had taken over and he wasn't havin' it. Another mate jumped in to help, and we walked him out to the safety of the dry rock. Once safe on the shore, Torey was able to laugh it off and realize he wasn't in much real danger, but there was a moment we all thought he was a goner.


David Reyes, gap backside noseblunt-slide. (click to enlarge)

Just as we started to really get settled into our new beach-culture lifestyle, everything decided to go a little topsy-turvy and pear shaped. There was a pint-sized pool in our yard with a balcony towering above it. Naturally it was going to get jumped off of. This started to become a bit more of a regular occurrence than a party trick. Accompanying the master bedroom, Ryan would wake up and start the day with a "boom and splash." We found ourselves out one night and ran into a couple of people trying to have a good time; just so happens they had run into the right people. It's not just skateboarding that these dudes aren't bad at—they're really fuckin' good at havin' a good time all the time. There were dance-offs, late-night barbecues, diving competitions, and a mess in the morning. The next day our Red Bull team manager had stayed behind while we headed back out to the beach and to go skating when we got the devastating call: "We're getting the boot, shows over. You guys have gotta come back." In all fairness, our antics actually weren't too bad. Nothing was broken, the place was clean, and you could count the amount of people over on one hand, but nevertheless, supposedly we weren't allowed to have visitors and we were out.


Beau Reid, switch backside 50-50. (click to enlarge)

Everything happens for a reason. If we hadn't left, we'd surely have ended up like crispy tacos on the beach and cooked ourselves like burnt toast. Our relocation was into the city and above arguably the most famous skate spot in Australia, Martin Place. This place is littered with spots and a hill of tiles. Stairs, rails, gaps, roll-on grinds, the works (except a good ledge). My Sydney holiday wishes had just kept on coming true: Apart from wanting to live at the beach when I was a little tucker, I always wanted to live smack bang in the CBD (Central Business District), and you couldn't get more central than our new inhabitants. We were already out skating every day, but this really drilled it in to keep skating on our minds. It was time to get busy, and we were surrounded by it.


Torey Pudwill, frontside noseslide. (click to enlarge)

After a few days of solid skateboarding, it was time to go sightseeing again. Less than two hours' drive west from Sydney, you can find yourself in the sprawling Blue Mountains. We went and visited the famous Three Sisters and lost ourselves in the Jamison Valley. It wouldn't be a Sheckler Sessions trip without jumping off some rocks, and luckily, The Blue Mountains hosts some pretty amazing hucks. On the way to my favorite watering hole, Minnehaha, we got drenched with a downpour of weather, running and hiding under trees with RED cameras and such. We got down to the waterfall, which I have visited regularly the last 10 years or so, as my dad lives around the corner. Normally you jump off this little rock section next to the waterfall and it's about 10 feet high and a little bit of fun, but in true Sheckler style, he looked above and beyond into the surrounding cliff and scaled up the side of the mountain. I've never seen anyone actually get up there, let alone think about stepping off. We were all a little worried, 'cause the pool you're jumping into seems deep, but it's not never ending. Sure enough, that maniac soared through the sky and into the pond without hesitation, escaping injury. I think Ryan is a little more familiar with the water than Torey.


Torey Pudwill, backside 50-50. (click to enlarge)

The holiday had to come to an end at some point, as all holidays do. We'd checked all the boxes and even gotten a ton of "work" done along the way. I wouldn't say that it was a working holiday, more that our work was to holiday in this particular instance. Reliving all of the Sydney sights and activities with these dudes really made it feel like the first time again, and everything was taken to an extra level of excitement, danger, and success. It was definitely a reminder of how special that place is and how lucky I am to have come from such an epic part of the world. You can check out all of the epicness for yourself in the new season of Sheckler Sessions available now on Red Bull TV.


Ryan Sheckler, frontside nosegrind. (click to enlarge)

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