Shorty’s How To Go Pro Premiere

The Sun Diego in the UTC mall in La Jolla had a premiere of Shorty’s new video, How To Go Pro. I thought they might just be showing it inside the shop on their various TV screens which would’ve made for a shitty viewing experience, but to my surprise they had a big movie screen out in front of the shop with every table and chair in the outdoor food court facing it--well done. The food court was transformed into a open-air theater, that plus the fact that nearby Rubio’s sold beers, and we had ourselves a brilliant viewing atmosphere. The Rubio’s employees were sure to mention that beers weren’t allowed in the outdoor area, and that warning flew about as well as a petrified turd.

Well onto the video--it was really good. Those kids rip, especially Torey Pudwill. Sammy Baptista’s part was my favorite, but I gotta give a shout out to The Muska who has obviously been sitting on tons of footage. He still rips and his gear was out of control. His song had to have been mixed by the man himself as it blended Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Blur, AC/DC and many other musical genres into one medley of madness.

After the showing, Brandon Turner, Sammy, and Andrew Pott signed autographs for the multitude of kids that turned out. Afterparty talks ensued with the Skatemafia heading to Giavanni’s in Clairemont for some pitchers while Shakas, Brockman, and the boys were claiming Moondoggie’s in Pacific Beach. The combination of The Muska’s part and Pacificos with lime sent the rest of us straight to a skate session in La Jolla.