Dennis Busenitz
Frankie Spears
Tristan Funkhouser_fastplant_STRAND_SIGHTINGS
Taylor Kirby_frontboard2_STRAND_SIGHTINGS
AJ Zavala_feebs 180_2_STRAND_SIGHTINGS
Braxton Powers_sw feeble_STRAND_SIGHTINGS
Victor Aceves_fs5050_STRAND_SIGHTINGS
Chase Webb_fakie bs blunt_STRAND_SIGHTINGS
Evan Smith_backtail_STRAND_SIGHTINGS
Forrest Edwards_fs5_0_STRAND_SIGHTINGS
Jack McNulty_bs flip_STRAND_SIGHTINGS
Mason Silva_vheel_STRAND_SIGHTINGS
Patrick Ryan_fs feeble2_STRAND_SIGHTINGS
Chris Gregson seatbelt air_SIGHTINGS
Sean Kf back tail_SIGHTINGS
Truman Roll in_SIGHTINGS

Sightings: April 2015

It’s spring cleaning time, so some of our favorite photographers cleaned out their hard drives and released these unseen gems into the internet’s spring air. Dennis Busenitz, Nick Tucker, Evan Smith, Forrest Edwards, Frankie Spears, Brian Gille, Frankie Villani, T-Funk, Kirby, AJ Zavala, Braxton Powers, Victor Aceves, Chase Webb, Jack McNulty, Mason Silva, Patrick Ryan, Chris Gregson, Sean Conover, Truman Hooker, Billy Davenport, and Matt Militano. From the lenses of Dave Chami, Cameron Strand, Mikey Gould, Blair Alley, and Alex Papke.

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