Summer is in full swing! Have you and your crew been out taking advantage of the warm weather and closed schools? Here’re some people that have: Vincent Alvarez, David Gonzalez, Na-Kel Smith, Clint Peterson, Felix Arguelles, Magnus Hansen, David Reyes, and Jose Rojo. July Sightings are red hot like your barbecue should be!

Vincent Alvarez, backside lipslide in Los Angeles, California. Photo: MULLER

Jose Rojo, frontside bluntslide in Denver, Colorado. Photo: BARTON

Felix Arguelles, ollie in Los Angeles, California. Photo: TRINH

David Reyes, frontside nosegrind in Fullerton, California. Photo: BARTON

Na-Kel Smith, frontside boardslide in Malibu, California. Photo: MULLER

Magnus Hansen, backside Smith grind in Long Beach, California. Photo: STRAND

David Gonzalez, frontside feeble grind in Medellin, Colombia. Photo: CHAMI

Clint Peterson, gap to backside five-0, Glendale, California. Photo: TRINH