For our Sightings: May 2014, we went with all ams since our Am Issue is dropping next week! These guys are the future: Check out David Reyes, Adrian Adrid, Chris Colbourn, Joey Ragali, Lee Yankou, Sean Conover, David Cole, Kevin White, Vince Duran, Kevin Love, Reggie Kelly, and Ryan Thompson from the lenses of Sam Muller, Dave Chami, Shigeo, Cameron Strand, Ben Clemens, Oliver Barton, and Mikey Gould.

Lee Yankou, frontside kickflip, Japan. Photo / CHAMI

Adrian Adrid, drop in. Hollywood, California. Photo / MULLER

Vince Duran, frontside noseslide to fakie, San Francisco, California. Photo / CHAMI

Ryan Thompson, frontside flip. Photo / STRAND

David Reyes, backside lipslide, Inland Empire, California. Photo / SHIGEO

Kevin Love, 50-50. San Diego, California. Photo / CLEMENS

Kevin White, crooked grind. Malibu, California. Photo / MULLER

Joey Ragali, switch ollie. Inland Empire, California. Photo / SHIGEO

David Cole, low to high backside tailslide. St. Helena, California. Photo / HAINAULT

Sean Conover, backside flip. San Diego, California. Photo / GOULD

Chris Colbourn, heelflip. Los Angeles, California. Photo / MULLER

Reggie Kelly, frontside 360 ollie. Atlanta, Georgia. Photo / BARTON