Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some November Sightings with skate photos featuring Julian Davidson, Vincent Alvarez, Nakel Smith, Corey Huber, Cameron Others, and Matt Field.  Shot by TWS photographers Sam Muller, Oliver Barton, and Dave Chami.

Julian Davidson. Kickflip in Montreal, Quebec. PHOTO: MULLER


Vincent Alvarez. Switch Ollie in Managua, Nicaragua. PHOTO: MULLER


Na-kel Smith. Frontside feeble grind in Los Angeles, California. PHOTO: MULLER


Corey Huber. Backside kickflip in the Inland Empire, California. PHOTO: BARTON


Cameron Others. Frontside boardslide in San Francisco, California. PHOTO: CHAMI


Matt Field. Frontside 180 nosegrind in San Francisco, California. PHOTO: CHAMI